Chris: After first trial, the intestine of the current relief. The care taken by therapy was excellent. 


Mathew: The whole experience was very good, the massage on each cervical felt excellent.


Don: Such a new and enjoyable sensation similar to acupuncture.  


Haley: I love every thing,I like the sensation feels,like internal organ massage ,warm + tingly. I enjoy all aspects,the head, the sensation,even the pressure on trouble spots feels like a release + movement. It slows me down brings me back to the present. restores balance.

Emma: The whole experience was really special.


Jenny: The depth of the massage.


Deanna: How relaxing it was and how good I feel afterwards.


Lowaire: My lipoma feels so much smaller this morning and soft! So interesting!

Jenny H: I was suffering from lower back pain and severe period pain. I could not sleep comfortably and had to always turn my back from side to side but it didn't really help. With each treatment of DDS, I felt I was able to sleep better and sit longer and my period cramps were noticeably less painful. I also often had a feeling of heaviness around my head and after the treatment, this feeling is gone, instead, it feels like a fresh breeze going through my head. It's quite wonderful! DDS is a safe and gentle treatment method, I am certain whoever reading this will feel the difference too once they experience as well. Thank you for introducing me to the world of DDS!

Monica L:I am a 57-year-old woman who has been living in an overworked and stressed out lifestyle for many years. I’ve had to work especially hard in order to move and settle down in a new country and this has left my body completely burnt out and in a broken state. Over the last few years, I've had very, very high blood pressure and very little energy. My shoulders and neck muscles were always full of tight and full of tension. My head always felt cloudy and my eyes blurry. I’ve had poor blood circulation and my lower body was always cold so I used a hot water bottle and carried it with me all the time including at home and outdoors. I've had digestive problems due to autonomic nervous system dysfunction, which meant I've had problems swallowing and my tummy felt very uncomfortable. When I was in an especially bad condition my face around the left ear tensed up and felt painful.

Things were so bad to the point where I couldn’t do things that would exert even a little energy, for example, I couldn’t sit still and have my hair cut in a salon or go to social meetings to talk due to fatigue and feeling ill afterward.  I went through many treatments which have helped me endure throughout the years but it was not sufficient. So far I have been treated by DDS 11 times and while my treatment is still ongoing I feel at least 60 percent better. My normal life is returning to me slowly. My shoulders and neck muscles are loose, My circulation is a lot better and I don’t feel as cold as I used to be. While I still use the hot water bottle sometimes I don’t use it all the time like before. I feel much lighter and my head and mind feel clear these days which gives me the peace of mind to do more things in my daily life. I feel that DDS has been excellent for me and I am very grateful to the DDS and the DDS practitioners. I highly recommend DDS to others!