Sanyin Jiao [SP6] 

Sharing women's ageless acupoint: Sanyin Jiao [SP6] 

Sanyinjiao: acupoints that can delay women's aging! 

Sanyinjiao: good acupoints for dispelling dampness! 

Sanyinjiao: can upkeep the uterus and ovary acupoints! 

Sanyinjiao: change easy to fat physique very practical acupoints! Sanyinjiao: liver, 

spleen, kidney, three meridians converge place, if the body moisture heavy, liver, 

spleen, kidney, there are many hidden dangers. 

Women have gynecological diseases, kneading Sanyinjiao points will have soreness, 

swelling pain, tingling feeling, Usually more press and knead and keep warm! 

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