What is DDS massage/therapy?


DDS is an acronym for "Dredge Meridian with herbal medicine essential oil Delivery System" and an alias for DDS massage technology. The principle of DDS massage technology is that using powerbank battery through the DDS meridian massage instrument, the bioelectricity is transferred to the physiotherapist and combined with oil and ointment to act directly on the patient's body. Regulating the acid-base balance of the human body, instantly dredge the blockage meridians and collaterals, dispel wind, cold, dampness, is a new technology with complementary physical and chemical effects. Patients get recuperation in enjoyment, known as "happiness therapy."


Is DDS massage/therapy safe?


DDS massage technology was established in 2009 and has been used in clinical practice in China for 10 years. The international market has been used for nearly 2 years. In 2017, it has passed the international certification of FDA FCC of the United States, CE of the European Union and IC of Canada. 


The output of DDS massager is 8 volts safe voltage, and can be connected with portable battery power supply for 10 hours. Its working principle is that bioelectricity first passes through the physiotherapist and then acts on the patient's body for conditioning. The conditioning process is safe and comfortable.

What are the technical features of DDS massage/therapy?


Six characteristic skills of DDS massage/therapy

  1. The technology that can get through the deep meridians and collaterals of the human body. 

  2. The technology that can activate the deep cells of the human body.

  3. Techniques that can correct acidic physique. 

  4. Techniques that can promote the metabolism of human cells.

  5. The technology that can dispsel wind, cold and dampness in the deep layer of human body.

  6. Green health preservation technology that can be administered through the skin. 


What is the effect of DDS massage/therapy?


DDS massage technology has nine major effects 

  1. Dredge meridians and collaterals   

  2. Improve blood circulation 

  3. Activated cells

  4. Activate nerve and muscle tissue.

  5. Stimulate self healing 

  6. Regulation of the digestive system.

  7. It has anti-inflammation and relieving pain. 

  8. Purify the body. 

  9. Beauty, weight loss, anti-aging.


What is the difference between DDS massage/therapy and traditional Chinese medicine massage?


The principle of traditional Chinese medicine massage therapy is to stimulate acupoints by stimulating human meridians and acupoints through the manipulation of massage, so as to dredge the meridians and collaterals and achieve the therapeutic purpose of no pain. The scope of conditioning is limited, superficial diseases can be relieved, but can not regulate chronic, metabolic and other diseases.


DDS massage therapy makes use of its unique conduction characteristics of bioelectricity to human meridians and collaterals, combined with the activation of human tissues and cells, quickly dredge damaged and atrophic meridians and collaterals, directly to the depths of viscera and lesions, and regulate a wider range. It makes the patients achieve the effect of rapid treatment and rehabilitation in the comfortable feeling of the whole body. Its speed and effect are remarkable.