DDS Massage Improvement Reactions

The following reactions are temporary phenomena and must be experienced before the physique improves. 

This is the reaction that low cellular metabolic activity suddenly becomes active through the action of electric current and acid-base level. 


1. Mild acidic physique: feel whole body fatigue, limb weakness, lethargy, joint soreness, heat dizziness, mouth dry fire and so on. 

2. Hypertension patients: vertigo, headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, temporary increase of blood pressure, etc. 

3. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases: hiccups, diarrhea, constipation, increased frequency of exhaust. 

4 . Heart disease patients: chest tightness, rapid heartbeat, accelerated breathing. 

5 . Diabetic patients: instant increase in blood glucose, slight swelling and soreness of hands and feet, dry mouth, etc. 

6. Gynaecological disease patients: menstruation, small abdominal pain, low back acid and so on. 

7. Long-term drug patients: local rash, black stool, yellow urine, pungent smell. 

8. Acne patients: there will be a slight increase in the initial stage, but it will soon decrease. 

9 . Chronic bronchitis and lung disease patients: dry mouth cough phlegm. 

10 . Rhinitis patients: increased snot sticky, a few days later relief. 

11. Insomnia patients: sleep difficulties aggravate, after a period of time can disappear. 

12. A patient with rheumatism or gout: the affected part is slightly sore and the whole body is powerless, which can be relieved in a few days. 

13. Patients with apoplexy: there is a feeling of soreness, distension and pain when perception is restored. 

14. Hypoglycemia patients: initially blood pressure is unstable, with dizziness, but disappeared a few days later.