DDS Meridian Head Massage

With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of head therapy and hair
conservation, the market of DDS meridian Head massage and health preservation has
become more and more extensive! More people choose to go into a professional health
Then why the DDS meridian Head massage ? What are the benefits of DDS meridian Head
1. Topromote the growth ofYangqi, hundred pulse harmony enhance the resistance of the
human body to supplement the necessary Yangqi, will contribute to the improvement and
maintenance of human energy and physical strength. Can also enhance resistance, prevent
blood stasis, evil, invasion, avoid colds, neurasthenia, hypertension, facial paralysis and
2. Quickly release head pressure, relieve fatigue and enjoy high quality sleep. Eliminate
tension and anxiety in enjoyment. Get enough energy back to the brain! A sweet sleep

3. Improve blood circulation, promote brain cell movement, stimulate pituitary balance
hormone secretion to enhance intelligence, delay aging, avoid tinnitus and dizziness;
For the crowd: lack of Yangqi, dizziness, headache, memory inconcentration, memory loss,

The scalp is the highest skin of the human body, controls the elasticity of the skin of the
whole body,the scalpis the extensionof the facialskin, is one ofthe secondthinner skinof
The thickness is only 1.476 mm, which is 1 / 6 of the face, 1 / 12 of the body, 1 / 50 of the
When there is a wrinkle on the scalp, there are six wrinkles on the face, which means thatonescalpmaintenanceisequivalenttosixfacialmaintenance.
Each hair follicle is connected to 300 tiny blood vessels, and all the nutrients in the brainaresuppliedbytinybloodvessels.
When the scalp is not healthy, there will be headache and dizziness, scalp pain, hair lossscalpagingandothersymptoms!