Why do fibroids and cyst appear repeatedly? 

Tell you a story about black fungus 

1. Dampness wood grows black fungus, cold and dampness constitution easy to grow fibroids. 

2. black fungus will grow again after extraction, and fibroids will regenerate after fibroids resection.

The environment did not change and the result reappeared. 

3. If you don't want to grow black fungus, take the wood to the sun and expose it to the sun. 

4. Do not want to grow fibroids , more to the body to dispelling cold, dispelling dampness, dispelling poison, let the body Qi and blood normal operation. Huangdi Nei Jing records: cold will dampness, dampness will coagulation; coagulation will blood stasis, blood stasis will blockage, blocking will tumor, tumor will cancer! 

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