Most root of diseases comes meridians blockages! It is necessary to dredge meridians and collaterals. It is often said that "if the meridians and collaterals are smooth, the body is painless, but if the body is in pain, the meridians and collaterals are not smooth." in fact, when the meridians and collaterals are blocked, the human body will send out some help signals. Headache, abdominal cold, irritability, legedema, these may be manifestations of meridians
and collaterals are not smooth.



Six"distress signals"sent by meridians and collaterals The meridians and collaterals are disadvantageous or blocked, and the corresponding symptoms can appear in the meridians and collaterals. Meridians and collaterals are the channels through which qi and blood run. Excess or
deficiency of qi and blood may affect the function of meridians and collaterals, thus
showing meridian diseases. Check to see if your body has the following six reactions. If so, it means that the meridians andcollateralsareblocked.

Pain in meridians and collaterals has two characteristics.
One is that pain can occur in many parts of the meridian line.
Second, along the meridian line, appear: "traction pain", common headache, neck and
shoulder pain, low back pain, knee pain and so on.


*Take a headache as an example, the headache on both sides is that the gallbladder
meridian is not unobstructed.
*The pain in the forehead is the blockage of the stomach.
*The pain at the top of the head is closely related to the liver meridian.
*The pain in the back of the head, It's a bladder meridian problem.
The pain of different parts, easy to occur in different people, and human physique and other
factors are closely related, such as office workers, often use computers, mobile phones,
desk work easily lead to neck and shoulder waist discomfort, mental workers, if you do not
eat breakfast, it is easy to appear dizziness,headache.

*It often occurs in the knee joint. The back. Epigastric cavity.
*People who like to ride bicycles, their knees are vulnerable to the wind, even if they wear
thick knee pads, it is difficult to avoid.
*The back is the most likely part of the human body to be afraid of the cold.

*If the meridians and collaterals are blocked, there may also be symptoms of heat, such as
the heart meridian (the heart meridian starts in the heart, there is a route in the body and
on the body surface, and the body surface is all the way from the medial posterior edge of
the arm to the little finger)
*Meridian is not smooth appear upset, hand Sanyin (hand Yin Meridian including Lung
Meridian, Heart Meridian and pericardial Meridian) is not smooth, appear palm fever and
soon, can also cause acne, even facial heat and other symptoms.
"heat" is easy to occur in the angry people, these people are generally angry, easy to get
angry, cannot suppress the fire.

*Commonly seen in the hands, feet and tongue.
*Foot numbness is associated with poor meridians and collaterals in the lumbar spine,
which is more common in sedentary people.
*Tongue numbness, associated with poor meridians and collaterals in the brain, is more
common in elderly people with hypertension and coronary heart disease.

*The muscles of the human body are prone to soreness, which is more common in people
*Early colds are also prone to soreness, which is related to the obstruction of the sun's

*Abdomen, waist, swelling, and kidney, heart chronic diseases related, mostly in the
*Swellingofthe lowerextremitiesisrelatedtothefootSanyinmeridian,whichoftenoccurs


Meridian is the channel of qi and blood operation,is the medical soul of human self-healing,
meridians and collaterals smooth, qi and blood harmony,energetic.

It is necessary to dredge the meridians and collaterals often.
"Meridian dredging" conditioning range: cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis (lumbar
disc protrusion, lumbar hyperplasia, etc.), migraine, uterine cold, dysmenorrhea, rhinitis,
pharyngitis, juvenile pseudomyopia, gastrointestinal conditioning; Shaping body, limb joint
pain, sciatica, spondylitis, gout facial paralysis, varicose veins, prostate syndrome, breast
hyperplasia, facial care, whole body dredging, postpartum lactation.


There are many air nodes blocked in th emeridians and collaterals of the body.
Each dredging time will gradually untangle the gas node of the meridians and collaterals,
and at the same time discharge the wind, cold, dampness, heat, dryness in the body, so as
to achieve the smooth flow of the meridians and collaterals of the whole body and
eliminate the disease. In particular, it has a significant conditioning effect on the sub-health and chronic diseases
of modern people, and has a good effect on muscle, body soreness, swelling, pain and so

Note: because the individual physique is different, the conditioning effect will be different!
This technology only does the auxiliary conditioning function!
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