Restrictions of DDS Massage

The following patients are NOT suitable:

0People age over 70.

1. Patients with complications of heart, lung, kidney, liver, gallbladder and other viscera.

2. Patients with history of malignant tumor and hemangioma.

3. Patients with acute infectious diseases.

4. Woman's physiological period, pregnancy, menstruation.

5. All kinds of hemorrhagic diseases.

6. Foreign bodies in the body such as metal, heart stents, silicone fillings.

7. Patients with severe organic heart disease and patients with various surgical recovery stages.

8. Cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular hysteria and other rehabilitation or sequelae.

9. Patients with cerebral infarction and cerebral thrombosis.

10. Other critically ill patients.

11. Osteoporosis and are prone to fracture.

12. Serious external injuries, such as fractures, fractures.

13. Hypertension, low blood pressure exceeds 110 mmHg high pressure more than 160 mmHg.

14. Serious asthma, active pulmonary tuberculosis and with cancer.

15. People with contact lenses.